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Our story

The Association was founded in 1992 under the name of Tourist Association (Turistično društvo). Since the merger with the Winery Association (Vinogradniško društvo) in 2010, it is named "Tourist Winery Association Jakob" (Turistično vinogradniško društvo Jakob). 
Its primary activity is development of tourism and promotion of the town Jakob with its historical, cultural, economic and, above all, winery sights. As an agricultural and viticultural area, we focused our activities mainly on education and wine promotion, on beautifying the town as well as on cultural and social events. 

In spring, the Association starts with its first activities, namely with wine reviews. We are happy to say that with their diligent work and extraordinary flair for acquiring new knowledge in wine production, the wine-growers of Jakob have focused on quality of their wines for which they have received the highest ratings at competitions.

We start our summer events with an open day at the wine cellars of our wine-growers from Jakob, where viticultural farms take part and present themselves with their top-quality wines and different snacks.

The central event under the auspices of the Association is an event in July called "Jakob's Sunday" (Jakobova nedelja). This is a town and church holiday with setting up of a wind rattle, wine tastings, state championship in sour soup cooking and cycling - Tour the Jakob as a traditional meeting of young and those who are little less young.

In autumn, we continue with the grape harvesting of the old wine ancestor in the village vineyard, where you can also find the ampelographic garden of different vine varieties.
Annual Association events end with St Martin’s Day celebrations, christening of new wine, removal of the wind rattle and a rich cultural program in the middle of Jakob. 
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