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Počehova 29
2000 Maribor
N: 46° 34.862'
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Our story

In wine, there are many different ingredients which, as a cluster of nice thoughts, thousands of sweat drops, actions and trembling expectations, come to light. They are our companion in colour, smell and taste. To put it simply - they live with us, last and inspire us.   As a family, we have been closely attached to vine and its fruits for a very long time. Careful wine production has passed on in our family from generation to generation. After all, this is supported by a several-hundred-year tradition on this soil. Careful wine production has passed on in our family from generation to generation. But with hard work, ideas and mutual commitment, every individual gives their personal seal to the vine and wine.  Only 3 km from the centre of Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, our vineyards stretch on the hills of Počehova in the wine district of Maribor. We work 9 hectares of vineyards, on three separated winery areas. Beautiful hilly landscape with shallow valleys by the river Drava has a transition climate. You can feel the Alpine climate with its cool and humid air as well as the warm climate of the continental climate. Small hills with either steep or gentle slopes, light sandy and marly soil as well as favourable micro-climate enable the production of high quality dry, half-dry, half-sweet and sweet wines. With participation on different international wine reviews, we have proven for many years to be one of the best winery districts in the world.  In our house, you can choose between Rheinriesling, Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Traminer, Sauvignon, Yellow Muscat as well as red Cuvé of Blaufränkisch (Blue Frankish) and Zweigelt. We use nature’s micro-climatic conditions of our production area and produce premium quality wines with aroma and minerality. Good wine always deserves to be accompanied with good food. If previously agreed, we can serve you with dried meat in lard (meso iz tünke), other home-made dried meat products, home-made pâté, produced to our own recipe, and many different kinds of cheese spreads at your visit. Those with a sweet tooth will be thrilled about the taste of our apple and cheese strudel as well as the traditional Slovene potica. We organise wine tastings, business meetings with visitation of the wine cellar as well as other events for our guests.    While the parents pamper their tongues, the children can play table tennis or ninepins, ride a bike or take a walk to Piramida. Piramida, a small hill over the city, where Maribor actually began to write its history, is only half an hour walk away. We love to take our guests to a trip to Maribor and show them the Old vine which is the oldest in the world. After 450 years, it still bears fruit and reminds on the past in Lent, the oldest middle-age part of the city.         Welcome to our house!
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Home-made delicacies

Narezek domačih dobrot

Narezek domačih dobrot

Narezek domačehi izdelkov z zelenjavo in po lastni recepturi izdelano pašteto. 
Odlična vina

Odlična vina

Vina sort chardonnay, sivi pinot, sauvignon, traminec, rumeni muškat, renski rizling, laški rizling, zweigelt, modra frankinja, zvrst...


Vinogradništvo Mulec, Ročica 40, 2222 Jakobski Dol
Phone: Gregor +386 31 374 416
E: info@kulebike.si