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Cvetka in Viljem Gaube
+386 2 651 04 81
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Tourist farm Gaube
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Fri. - Sun. 9.00 - 22.00
other days on request
Jareninska cesta 51
2212 Šentilj v Slovenskih goricah
N: 46° 39.928'
E: 15° 41.099'
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Our story

Our small farm, which is only three and a half hectares in size, is located at the end of the village Šentilj. The boundaries of our farm also mean the end of the area of the Municipality Šentilj and therefore, the farm borders to the Municipality of Pesnica. 
  At the farm, our family of five has focused on fruit and wine growing as well as on growing of vegetables and berries. For quite some time, tourism is our supplementary activity and we are proud to say that we were honoured with three apples of tourist farm quality. We use this supplementary activity in order to serve the visitors with our own products on the principle of "from the earth, on request to the stove and to the table".   We also offer overnight accommodation and would like to invite you to our fruit juice and souvenir shop where you can buy our home-made delicacies (fruit juices, honey, wine, brandy, home-made pasta, etc.).    We are happy to welcome our visitors who can try the delicacies from the kitchen of our housewife Cvetka. She makes seasonal dishes like flat cakes with onions and cracklings, different breads, vegetable and meet strudels, baked red beet with cumin or herbs, young baked potatoes with pumpkin seeds, wide noodles with leek and sour cream or sour milk, buckwheat dumplings, mushroom soup, milk from a milk bowl, different soups, vegetable side dishes - corn flat cakes and corn "trganci" (home-made torn pasta) with chives.   You should also try her buckwheat cubes filled with young cheese and potato balls spread with poppy seeds from poppy that grows in our garden. Before you reach the farm, you can see our pond on the left side of the road. Just in front of the pond, there is a well which we want to make available for hikers and cyclists, so they can freshen themselves with our pure well water.
  At the farm, there is also a renovated bee house and other little animals you can meet. And, there is also a 200-year old "grandpa's flour mill".      Our housewife Cvetka has a wish to get a new baker's oven and a black kitchen for her creations. She hopes that the householder will soon fulfil her wishes. Welcome at our house. What can we do for you? 
With eBike to every hill
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When your body fails, the ebike helps. 
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Home-made delicacies

Domač jagodni sok

Domač jagodni sok

Jagode v steklenici. Preprosto izvrstno!
Domači rezanci

Domači rezanci

   "Tapravi" domači rezanci za juho.
Sok iz malin

Sok iz malin

Domač sok iz skrbno obranih malin.
Domač kruh

Domač kruh

Ko gospodinja z rokami zamesi testo in potem zadiši iz peči.
Domače testenine

Domače testenine

Domače ročno izdelane testenine z dodatki, pehrana, paprike
Bezgov sok

Bezgov sok

Domač bezgov sok.


Vinogradništvo Mulec, Ročica 40, 2222 Jakobski Dol
Phone: Gregor +386 31 374 416
E: info@kulebike.si