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Wine Kušter
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Our story

Kušter vineyards stretch over the hills of Svečinski griči.    We continue the tradition of our ancestors who have worked the vineyards in this area since approximately 1771. This is evident from a written source which we keep in our farm house. According to this written source, our estate was called "at Kušter's". Kušter is our house name and therefore we promote our wines under this trademark. The Kušter family was involved in wine production even before the war. After the war, they lost a large area of vineyards so the farm focused more on fruit growing and cattle breeding. But in the last fifteen years, we focused again on wine production and development of vinery.   Our farm estate covers an area of 25 hectares, of which 8 hectares is cultivated with vineyards, 5 hectares with fruit trees and the rest are woods, meadows and fields.   We are a family estate where, with hard-working hands of three generations, the knowledge is passed down from the father through the son to the grandchildren. Our main focus is production and sale of wine and fruit. But for our own needs, we also grow vegetables.          Our vineyards and our 153-year old wine cellar, which dates from 1860, give us plenty of wine every year. As wine-growers and wine-lovers, we strive to produce mature and rich but also fresh and fruity dry and half-dry varietal wines. In the cellar, we let the wines mature and rest for as long as possible in order to keep their tangy taste and strength which preserves their “dishevelled” youth. Our cellar master Cene takes good care of the wines. With love and devotion and especially with a lot of knowledge and sense, he gets the right aroma out of the wines. This is the reason why our wines are different from the average of other Styrian wines.   Our way of production is more risky but it guarantees richer, fuller and more stable wines. All wines will be presented to you at guided wine tastings, where you will also hear our story about every variety and its characteristics. Our variety of red wine is called Vincenc - it was named after the grandpa, son and grandchild who have worked our vineyards in the last three generations.    We are also a member of the Slovenian Family estate which unites exclusively private professional wine-growers. We regularly take part in wine events and presentations in our region as well as across the country and abroad ( Decanter in London, Gast in Klagenfurt, Wine salon in Sarajevo)          Kušter family welcomes you warmly!   
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Home-made delicacies

Kušter Sauvignon

Kušter Sauvignon

Izvrstno vino sorte Sauvignon,  letnik 2012, polsuho 
Domača jabolčna marmelada s pehtranom

Domača jabolčna marmelada s pehtranom

Iz domačega sadja pripravljena jabolčna marmelada s Pehtranom. Zdravo z naravo-dobro za ljudi.  
Narezek domačih dobrot

Narezek domačih dobrot

Domače mesne specialitete in zelenjava z domačega vrta. 
Domača jabolčna marmelada z orehi in rozinami

Domača jabolčna marmelada z orehi in rozinami

Marmelada iz domačih jabolk z dodanimi orehi in rozinami. Zdravo z naravo-dobro za ljudi.   
Muškat otonel

Muškat otonel

Sivi pinot Ratilus

Sivi pinot Ratilus



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