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KULeBIKE is presented for the first time

KuleBike was first presented on the “Open day at the wine cellars of our wine-growers from Jakob”. We are very pleased that the visitors showed so much interest in KULeBIKE.
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KULeBIKE was first presented to the public on the open day at the wine cellars of our wine-growers from Jakob.   KULeBIKE is a new tourist product that has been developed by the Winery Mulec from Jakobski Dol together with their partners:       Restaurant and wine shop Žmavc     Wines Bračko     Winery Senekovič     Vineyards Horvat in Počehova     Tourist farm Gaube in Šentilj     Excursion farm Slanič in Žikarce and     Wine Kušter in Kungota.   At the beginning of June, the initiator of the KULeBIKE project Winery Mulec signed a contract with the development agency from Maribor for co-financing of the project from the Program for rural development of the Republic of Slovenia 2007 - 2013 based on the LEADER approach which represents the implementation of Local development strategy TOTI LAS for the period 2008 – 2013.         We are very pleased that the project attracted so much attention among the visitors as it brings something new, interesting and ecologically friendly.   On www.kulebike.si., you can find a presentation website which has been available since July 21th 2013. There are information in Slovene, German, English, French and Croatian language. What is more, there is also a profile on the Facebook social network.

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Vinogradništvo Mulec, Ročica 40, 2222 Jakobski Dol
Phone: Gregor +386 31 374 416
E: info@kulebike.si