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An event that we named "The autumn harvest" (Žetev jeseni) is an important milestone in the process of implementing the KULeBIKE project, as it marks the official beginning of the new tourist product.
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From this day, you can cruise the slopes and valleys of Slovenske gorice with an electric bike, which you can rent at the partners. You can take a ride on the marked KULeBIKE bicycle paths where you will be accompanied by natural and cultural beauties, astonishing panoramic views and peaceful places where you can relax and recharge your batteries. 

At the event, which will take place in Jakobski dol in the Restaurant and wine shop Žmavc, all the partners cooperating in the project will present themselves.

We will also present you the electric bikes, the KULeBIKE bicycle paths and all the other KULeBIKE details like where and how to rent the electric bike, how to handle it and what are the advantages of an electric bike. You will also find out about the info terminals and about the ways of using the wireless FREE WI-FI KULeBIKE network.    


Vinogradništvo Mulec, Ročica 40, 2222 Jakobski Dol
Phone: Gregor +386 31 374 416
E: info@kulebike.si